Beppe Pizzeria & Vineria

Beppe is a ‘Pizzeria’, operational since her foundation in 2008 in Moda, one of the oldest districts of Istanbul. Our restaurant’s primary aim is to create an impeccable experience to her guests, not simply by offering traditional Italian food, but also by creating unique food combinations in a re-interpretation of culinary customs.

True Italian Pizza, and Wine

Adhering to the recipes and methods perfected over the course of history and by various cultures, we combine our perspective with fresh ingredients. Close to 500 different varieties of wine go hand-in-hand with our menu.

Where does the name ‘Beppe’ come from?

Beppe, currently operated by the Kuzuoglu family, was actually a restaurant we frequently dined at. One thing led to another, and we found ourselves not as guests at but as hosts of Beppe. We took over the registered trademark of ‘Beppe’, but did not forget to ask where the name comes from. Our friend, from whom we took over the restaurant, said they chose this name as it had a nice ring to it, and even if it had a meaning, that he didn’t know. A few months passed and our service personnel asked for help with a foreign guests. After answering her questions and taking her order, our guest asked whether it was an Italian establishment. Contemplating that the underlying reason for this question was the focus on pizza, I explained that it wasn’t and we tried to create our approach to the pizzeria concept. But when she simply said, “I asked because of the name; as you know, Beppe is short for Giuseppe”, we realized that we found the answer to the question. 

About two years later, I was again summoned to help the service, I met a middle-aged Dutch couple. From our Dutch guests, who continue to visit us when they come to Istanbul, we learned that Beppe means grandmother in Dutch language.
A couple of months after this last incident, a young man came in early noon. After a brief exchange of pleasantries he asked whether I knew the meaning of Beppe. Since I didn’t think of what the question may entail, surprised, I said the two meanings we were aware of. And to that he said “I am from Akhisar (a district of Manisa in south-west Turkey), and I work in agriculture. After the potato harvest, we quickly set a fire and cook the remaining potatoes in the field. And we call this food ‘beppe’.”


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